Vehicle Registrations and Renewals

First time registrations, cancel registration/plate, transfer or renew registration, commercial registration, Pro-rate, Temporary Safety Fitness certificates, Out of Province vehicles, In-transit permits, all types of plates including veteran plates and dealer plates, order personalized plates or Support our Troops plates.

The person registering a vehicle must be the same person shown on the Bill of Sale or previous registration and insurance pink card.  If you can’t come in to do the service, you can send someone in your place with an Authorization for Vehicle Services Form

An Authorization for Vehicle Services form is only accepted for registration services and not operator license services, which must be done in person.

New vehicle registrations

You must provide proof of ownership (Bill of Sale, signed by both the dealer/seller and the buyer), valid Insurance and acceptable ID. If the vehicle is leased, you must provide a signed lease agreement. If the vehicle is new, you also need to produce the original NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement) or a lost NIVIS letter from the dealership.

Transfer vehicle registrations, Pro-rated registrations, Temporary Safety Fitness Certificates, All types of plates including Support our Troops plates (2-4 week delivery) Veteran plates (applications available) and Personalized plates (4-6 week delivery)

Out of Province Registration

Firstly, you will need to bring in the serial number of the vehicle you want to register to obtain an Out of Province inspection request form. You must then have a Government approved licensed mechanic perform an Out of Province inspection. We can provide you with a list of licensed mechanics in our area. Finally, bring in your Original inspection certificate within 14 days of the inspection, valid Inter-Provincial insurance, proof of ownership (Previous Registration from Out of Province or Bill of Sale) as well as acceptable Identification and we will complete your registration.

Sign up for your electronic renewal reminders and Choose Wainwright and Baughan Agencies Ltd. as your registry office. You will receive an electronic reminder to renew your Plates/Registration and Driver’s licenses.