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The right time to make a claim is immediately or as soon as you are able.

Alert your broker as soon as practically possible

If there is any danger or on-going damage occurring, your first priority should be to ensure your safety and limit the damage to your property.  At that point, you should take care to act quickly and with the right information.

Consider whether or not you should make a claim

First things first.  Should you make a claim?  There are some situations in which you shouldn't and your broker can help you decide.

Work with your broker and the claims adjuster

Once your claim has been made, the insurance company may appoint an adjuster to get a clear picture of the circumstances and extent of the loss.  They may assist in securing repairs and can help with arrangements for accommodations.  They might also decide to limit the amount of a payment or to not pay at all - depending on the situation.  If you are unsure about the role of your adjuster and the information they are using, be sure to contact your broker who can help bring clarity to the situation.

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Phone (780)842-3358
Toll Free 1-800-522-4108

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